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Witherow Brooke is an international tuition agency specialised in recruiting elite tutors for homeschooling, full-time and travelling tuition roles. We also provide an hourly tuition service, both online and in-person in select locations worldwide, further details of which can be seen here.

Whether families are looking for a tutor as a replacement to traditional schooling, or to work alongside school in a capacity of academic support and enrichment, our process involves a bespoke global search to identify the best possible tutor for the unique requirements of each family.


In addition to placing tutors with families around the world, founders Roland and William provide educational consultancy to all clients, including advice on admissions strategy for global top-tier schools and universities, bespoke curriculum design, and guidance on academic pathways.

Our service may be suited to those families who:

  • have children who are not being adequately stimulated or supported at school.

  • travel frequently, or who are embarking on an extended period away from school.

  • are looking to supplement a traditional school education with the dedicated support of a one-to-one tutor.

  • live in remote locations.

  • have children with SEN or require specialised assistance.

  • are looking to implement educational philosophies beyond the traditional model.

An overview of our service placing elite tutors in homeschooling and private tuition roles can be seen here.

In all cases we aim to instill students with a love of learning, a principle which informs every aspect of the way we work.

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