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As a leading educational recruitment agency we are dedicated to finding the very best tutor for your child’s needs. By working closely with the family throughout the selection process we can best identify those candidates who are most suited for each individual role. The first stage in our process involves drawing up a Job Specification in consultation with the family which details the background of the student(s), including the educational ambitions of the family and personality of the student, before detailing the precise role of the tutor, the desired tutor profile and the contractual details of the engagement.

Once a Job Specification and Educational Recruitment Schedule have been agreed with the client, we will advertise the role in the educational press and headhunt through our network of tutors.

Initial interviews are conducted with a long list of promising candidates, prior to a second round of interviews to identify a shortlist of the three best candidates for the position, including a recorded sample lesson and written answers to job-specific questions. We conduct background checks on shortlisted candidates including academic, teaching and character references, criminal record checks and verification of academic qualifications.

We present a shortlist of candidates to the family and arrange interviews. We support the family with contractual arrangements and paperwork in the lead up to the engagement, and stay on hand throughout the tuition to provide support and educational consultancy services to both tutor and client.


Contact us to set up an initial meeting with directors Roland Witherow and William Brooke. We will discuss the objectives of the tuition and how a tutor can best support your needs.

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