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For hourly tuition, fees start at GBP 85 per hour.


When it comes to the salary of a homeschooling or full-time tutor, this can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including but not limited to: the location, the number of hours of tuition required, and the skillset and experience of the tutor. A tutor able to teach Calculus, Computer Science and Music up to the end of high school, for example, is a highly rare skillset and so would require a competitive salary to find an exceptional tutor with these qualities. Similarly this would also apply to a family looking for a tutor with significant experience teaching across a wide range of ages, or with experience of multiple curricula across different countries’ educational systems, or who speaks a specific combination of languages.

We take this into account when advising a family on the salary and other contractual details to offer a tutor. Typically we advise salaries starting at $120,000 in order to secure outstanding tutors with significant experience and exemplary academic records. Our fees at Witherow Brooke are equivalent to 25% of the tutor’s annual salary for the first year of an engagement and 15% thereafter.

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