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Witherow Brooke were asked to recruit a highly talented homeschooling tutor for a girl, aged 13 in the UK. The family felt the school their daughter attended did not sufficiently cater to the individuality and talents of each student, as well as not challenging her sufficiently to the level where she would be able to achieve future study at top-level academic institutions, an ambition certainly within reach given her academic ability. Further she had suffered from some lack of engagement during the pandemic due to classes moving online and responds much better to in-person lessons. As such, they wanted to replace her schooling with homeschooling for a period in order to accelerate her education.


After discussing the post at length with the family, Witherow Brooke launched a recruiting campaign involving advertising in the educational press and conventional headhunting, to present the family with a shortlist of three outstanding tutors. A focus was placed on finding a highly gifted educator with a charming and enthusiastic manner to best engage the student and make learning interactive and enjoyable. After sample lessons and interviews with each of the candidates, a highly gifted tutor who had attended an Ivy-League College was selected to the role. She had a wide range of experience working with children of a similar age and ability, and was particularly adept at creating innovative and memorable examples with physical props and real-world analogies. She is still currently working with the family.

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