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A family based in Shanghai who travel frequently around the globe are looking for an exceptional bilingual homeschooling tutor to work full-time with their daughter, aged seven. The student is bilingual in English and German, and the family are seeking a tutor fluent in both German and English to incorporate both languages into her learning environment.

The family lead a highly mobile life, and whilst the base of the engagement is to take place in Shanghai, the tutor can expect to travel frequently and for extended periods with the family.


The student has been receiving dedicated one-to-one homeschooling for the past year, having prior to that attended a traditional Montessori school in New York and then Munich. The parents appreciate the approach of Maria Montessori and believe for Early Years it provided an excellent foundation for their daughter’s development. In particular, the traits which they most admire and look to build into their daughter’s education are Montessori’s emphasis on independent exploration and cognitive development, to allow for a dynamic and adventure-based philosophy of learning.


The parents wish to design an educational pathway, together with a tutor, that does not hinge on any single curriculum or educational philosophy, but rather which stimulates a passion and excitement for learning by being out in the world, with the tutor looking for creative opportunities to incorporate teaching into her life and the places the family visit.


The student is very open, naturally gregarious and confident, with a playful and happy disposition. Her screen time is limited, but the desire is to teach and improve her technology literacy over time. For example, teaching about the design, creation and programming of computers are likely to be a part of the curriculum as she matures.



The tutor will define a curriculum, in conjunction with the family, that takes into consideration key milestones across STEM, Humanities and Fine Arts for a student of her age. Developing a system to define and monitor her progress across foundational subjects will also be important to give the family confidence that all key educational milestones are being met.


Just as important however, is that the plan of study must allow the flexibility for significant adventure-based learning and longer-form projects which most excite the student and drive her creatively. Above all the tutor should be ambitious, proactive, communicative and adaptable. Through their example and enthusiasm, they should inspire and develop these qualities in the student.

Beyond foundational subjects, development of important social and academic traits is also important, for example developing projects which allow for oral presentation and for her to practice and increase her communication skills.


Lessons will take place weekday mornings for approximately four hours per day, however the tutor will be expected to put in significant preparation time to maximise the learning and engagement during these lessons. Timing of lessons, however, may be flexible depending on when various excursions with parents are scheduled. In these circumstances, the tutor should optimise the potential for learning and development on such trips, planning lessons or activities which can be incorporated in and around them.


The tutor should be mindful of keeping the student’s options open should they wish to apply to schools at a later stage in her academic journey, be those schools in Europe, the US or Asia. This will require the tutor to ensure that key milestones are being tracked and met for the relevant curricula.


To ensure ample social exposure for their daughter, the parents want to continue a range of play dates, sports activities and other group classes. The tutor will be responsible to help design and oversee these activities.

The family travel frequently, and the tutor will be expected to travel with them.



The tutor should be a supportive and nurturing presence, highly communicative, and with an excitement for teaching out in the world and exploring. Being fluent in English and German, as well as significant experience in teaching Primary, and an outstanding academic record are requirements.


An interest in Educational Psychology and Cognitive Development is a bonus, as is an understanding of the significant developmental milestones across different curricula.


Some knowledge of Chinese may be beneficial (but not essential), as well as cultural familiarity with China and Asia more generally, in allowing the tutor to quickly adjust to life in Shanghai.


The ideal candidate will have an energetic, dynamic and upbeat character, and lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Being sporty and having experience teaching sports is desirable, as is the ability to educate through sport and physical activity more generally.


In addition to the girl’s formal education, the tutor will also be responsible for certain nannying duties, especially the coordination of the girl’s timetable. Therefore, demonstrable organisational skills are paramount, as is the possession of a full, clean driving licence.



Commencement date:   11th September 2024.


Contractual Term:         24 months, with possible subsequent renewals. The client will have the right to terminate this agreement after one year.


Salary:                             A basic salary of $110,000 per annum with a completion bonus at the end of the 24 months equivalent to 10% of the total salary across the engagement.


Hours:                             The tutor should expect to work for around 40-45 hours per week, excluding preparation time. This will be split between tuition and managing and accompanying the student with her other social engagements.


Days off:                          The tutor will coordinate with the family on a weekly schedule which may involve 4, 5 or 6 day workweeks depending on family scheduling needs.


Holidays:                         The tutor will receive 30 days of paid leave per annum, as well as national holidays. Holiday dates will be fitted around the family’s schedule. The tutor may on occasion be required to work on a public holiday, in the event of which the tutor will be paid for an additional day of work in lieu of holiday, or else the tutor will be given a different day of holiday.


Accommodation:           The tutor will either be provided suitable accommodation, or will be given an accommodation allowance equivalent to USD 2,000 per month. 


Travel:                             The tutor will be required to travel with the family, with flights and accommodation provided.


Meals:                              The tutor will be provided with at least one meal per working day with the family, and will be responsible for their other meals.


Transport:                       The tutor will be responsible for their own transport to and from the family’s residence. The tutor will be provided with two return flights per year to their primary country of residence, as well as the initial flight out to the family and the final return flight at the end of the engagement.


Mobile Phone:               Not provided.

To apply please send a CV to with the subject line "Shangai Tutor Application". There is a £400 reward for referral leading to successful placement of a candidate.

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