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A family based in Morocco is seeking an outstanding tutor of STEM subjects to work with their two daughters, aged fourteen and eight.

It is the family’s wish that a specialist STEM tutor prepare the students in the best way possible for their future academic journeys and beyond, giving them the knowledge and analytic tools to thrive in the technological world of the future.

The children currently attend a US curriculum school in Tangier, Morocco. A separate tutor already works on a full-time basis with the family, specialising in Humanities and Languages.

The older of the two students has a creative mind and a joyful personality. She is gifted in a number of subjects, and greatly enjoys creative writing, reading and music. Last academic year she struggled to integrate into the curriculum and social life of her school, having moved from a school in Portugal the previous year. Fortunately, she is now settling into life at her school in Tangier and is making progress with her studies, even though her grades are not where she would like them to be, especially in Maths and Science subjects.

The younger student has shown some considerable academic potential and finds herself some way ahead of her peers in both Maths and Literacy, and so for now is able to explore a number of topics outside of her school curriculum with the existing family tutor, whilst reinforcing her reading and numeracy. She is playful, energetic and curious and responds well to game-based and practical learning.

The two girls in question also have an older sister who will be attending university abroad from October 2024. The position may involve working with her on occasion, if the student asks for assistance in her university studies and if it falls within the tutor’s subject knowledge to be able to do so.

All the children lead a healthy and active lifestyle and enjoy practising a number of sports, including swimming, dance, tennis and football to name a few.


The tutor is expected to ensure all students are up to date, and exceeding their school curricula in the relevant subjects. Beyond this, the tutor will explore tangential areas of study, including practical experiments, which most excite and develop the knowledge of the students. The tutor should be ambitious and adaptable, and through example inspire and develop these qualities in the students.

The tutor will put together a full year curriculum of studies for each student, based both on their school work but excelling beyond this in both depth and breadth of subjects. Focus should be given on conceptual understanding, development of technical skills, and enabling the students to structure and organise their own plans of study.

The tutor should bear in mind the development of key academic and cognitive traits that will serve the students in the future, including logical analysis and reasoning, information retention, and written and oral communication.

Of particular interest is the fostering of an understanding of how computers (and more broadly, other types of systems) work, programming languages, Artificial Intelligence and the human brain.

The tutor will work five days a week after school and on weekends as required (with two days off per week). In their non-working hours, the tutor should commit significant preparation time to devising an engaging programme of study for each student. The tutor should also expect to be in regular contact with the students’ school teachers, ensuring they have covered the necessary work to excel in their school work, as well as reporting at regular intervals to the girls’ parents.

The tutor should develop a system to define and monitor the progress of each student. This will be tailored to suit the timeframes, milestones and educational ambitions of each of the students.

The tutor should be aware that a significant degree of flexibility is required in that last minute alterations to working hours may occur, and holiday days, which must be agreed with the family, will typically fall on dates that the tutor is not required for tuition.


Experience teaching a range of subjects in STEM is essential, with Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science the most important. Further background in an area of Science is also desirable, such as Data Analytics, AI, Statistics, Chemistry or Engineering.

The tutor should be ambitious, adaptable and inspiring to the students, bringing both a joy and focus to their academic journey. Through the tutor’s work and example, the students should be helped to develop their own ambition, to be able to visualise and be excited about their future academic journeys.

Practical knowledge of constructing long-term plans of study, incorporating longer-form projects and practical experiments is additionally beneficial. The tutor should be highly organised, thorough, and able to form multi-year curricula, whilst also having the flexibility to incorporate areas which most excite the students’ interests and drive them further.


Commencement date: 2nd September 2024

Contractual Term: 1 year initially, with potential for renewal.

Salary: $120,000 to $160,000 per annum.

Hours: The tutor can expect to work for around 25 hours per week, excluding preparation time.

Days off: The tutor will have 2 days off per week, to be decided by the family, with a week’s notice. The family will try to make these days consecutive, but this will not always be possible. On occasion you may also be required to work six days per week. Such additional days will accrue as days off to be taken in other weeks.

Holidays: 45 days per annum.

Accommodation: The tutor will be provided with their own separate accommodation with wireless internet.

Travel: May be required on occasion.

Meals: Not provided.

Transport: Provided.

Mobile Phone: Not provided.

Health Insurance: A basic plan will be provided.

To apply please send a CV to with the subject line "STEM Tutor - Tangier". There is a £500 reward for referral leading to successful placement of a candidate.

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