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A family with three children, boys aged ten and nine and a girl aged six, are seeking a private tutor for a period of academic support and travelling tuition. The engagement is to begin as soon as the right candidate is identified, and is to last until the end of September of this year. Tuition will take place in Germany, where the family reside, as well as a period in the USA from mid-June to mid-August.

All three children are bilingual in German and English and attend an English-speaking international school in Bavaria. They have missed out on some schooling in the last couple of years and have lost some of their confidence in their school subjects. An inspiring and energetic tutor is sought to build their academic skills and confidence, covering any gaps in their knowledge whilst remaining in step with their current work at school.

The eldest of the three is a confident reader with excellent English, having lived for the most time in the USA out of the three siblings. He is interested in History and Geography and generally enjoys school but his writing is an area where improvement can be made. In the Autumn of this year he will be moving into Middle School, where for the first time, he will be graded on his academic work. He has diverse interests, including soccer, tennis, table tennis and music.

The middle child, aged nine, has had the most time away from school, and the focus for him is building his general literacy and numeracy. Promoting his engagement in reading, and an interest in learning more broadly, is a broader goal of the engagement. He is very active, with a particular passion for soccer. Although he has quite different interests to his siblings, he loves to play with them and responds extremely well to sporty and positive-minded role models.

The youngest student is very diligent with a strong level of reading for her age. She has an organised approach towards her schoolwork, neat handwriting and is reported by her teachers to be a very easy student to teach. Since she has lived only in Germany, she has a preference for speaking in German over English, which is a subject which should receive special focus from the tutor. She has many hobbies and interests including Art, horseriding, singing and soccer, and like her older brothers, loves to play outdoors.

All three children have a love of sports and play, a vibrant sense of humour and a strong sense of fairness, all attributes which could be harnessed by the tutor to great effect.


During the German part of the engagement lessons are expected to take place on the weekends, with additional lessons after school on three of the five week days. Whilst in the USA, tuition will take place on five full days per week.

Especially during the latter portion of the engagement, the tutor may be required to assist in arranging activities for the children and provide some childcare duties. Playing sports with the children should form part of the tutor’s role, especially since often they are able to study with more focus after physical activity. In general the tutor should be mindful of being flexible with the schedule to best ensure the children are engaged and ready to learn when lessons take place. The schedule may also be altered to accommodate family trips: on some occasions the tutor may be required to accompany the family on these; on others they may be given a day off.

For the eldest student, the focus will be on core subjects of reading, writing and mathematics. This will encompass both catching up on areas previously covered in his school in which he requires additional work, as well as keeping up to date with those topics currently being covered in his classes. The tutor should also help prepare him for his transition into Middle School this Autumn, where for the first time he will be receiving grades for his academic work.

The middle student has a keen interest in reading, which should be nurtured and further developed, incorporating texts best designed to excite his interest and challenge him. His writing could be improved, and so along with mathematics, this will form the core focus of his tuition. Having been unfortunate with illness over recent years, he has missed out on periods of school and fallen behind in certain areas. As a result, his confidence has suffered and so building this back up, helping with his self-perception, is also an area he can be helped with over the course of the term.

The youngest student is not as fluent and comfortable in her English speaking as her brothers, so encouraging and developing this is a desirable outcome of tuition. Being generally diligent and organised in her studies, there are no specific areas of academic focus required. Aside from ensuring she is best placed to excel in her school work with core numeracy and literacy, there can be a focus on working on traits which will be beneficial for the student throughout her education. These may include the ability to concentrate for increasing periods, being able to think about problems in different ways, and learning patience when difficulties arise.

Whilst the focus of tuition in the Germany portion of the engagement will focus on keeping the children up to date and excelling with their current school work and filling in any gaps in their background knowledge, once the USA portion of the engagement commences a more project-based learning program may be desirable. These projects can be developed in conjunction with each student to best engage and excite their curiosity, whilst developing knowledge and technical skills across a range of subjects and academic and cognitive traits, such as logical analysis and reasoning, information retention, and written and oral communication. These projects may incorporate practical experiments and excursions as appropriate.
Over the engagement, the tutor will maintain communication with the students’ teachers at school so that they remain in-step with their peer groups. The tutor will ensure all homework and tests supplied by the school are completed in the requisite timeframes.


The chosen candidate will have a proactive and energetic disposition with a kind, nurturing personality and a good sense of humour. Being sporty and active is essential, not only as this will form part of the tutor’s work but also it is felt the students will respond more positively to such a tutor.

The ideal candidate will have an exceptional academic background and ample experience of teaching primary aged children, including both boys and girls. Experience of teaching sports, organising excursions and other activities, either for individual students or groups is additionally desirable.

An interest in any of: soccer, tennis, table tennis, horse riding, music and Art would all be assets to applicants. The tutor should be open-minded and flexible, both in their approach to teaching and their general thinking, and should be a positive role model for the students.


Commencement date: As soon as possible.

End date: 30th September 2024.

Salary: EUR 1,750 - 2500 per week depending on experience, qualifications and range of subjects and activities that the candidate can teach.

Hours: Up to 30 hours per week whilst in Germany and up to 40 hours per week in the USA.

Days off: 2 consecutive days off per week. These will usually be week days but may sometimes be weekend days.

Holidays: It is unlikely that any holiday will form part of the engagement. If the tutor is given a week off at some stage, this will not be remunerated.

Accommodation: A separate furnished apartment with wireless internet and within walking distance of the family home will be provided in Germany; a similar arrangement will be provided in the USA.

Travel: Required as outlined above, with all travel expenses to be remunerated.

Meals: Not provided.

Transport: Not provided: The tutor’s accommodation will be within walking distance.

To apply please send a CV to with the subject line "Academic Support - Germany & USA". A reward of £300 is given for a recommendation of a candidate who is subsequently appointed to the role.

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